Friends are The Family We Choose - Bamboo Scrapbook

RS. 799.00 RS. 999.00

Product Code: CFDBS016

Product Material: Natural Bamboo Plywood

Paper: 260 gsm , Ivory Colour , Finest quality Paper from Korea

No of Pages: 40

Base Quantity: 10

This quote will remind you of your happy moments with your friends. Friends make everyday special. They are the ones who know you better than your family. They bring in life the joy, cheer and thrill. The time you have spent with them be treasured inside this bamboo scrapbook. This amazingly carved bamboo covered scrapbook will help you transport yourself in old times. You can make memories with your friends and preserve them forever with this gorgeous scrapbook. Your friends are with you always and in front of you with this bamboo scrapbook.


Product colour: bamboo Textured Cream

Product Length: 22 cm

Product Height: 15 cm

Product Width: 1.4 cm

Notes: No. of Sheets 20 (Pages 40) , Enough to contain 4'' x 6'' pictures

Product Weight: 285.00 gm

HSN Code: 4820

Paper Size: 215 mm x 140 mm